Taller de Comida Zena

 Photo by Juan de Dios Garza

Photo by Juan de Dios Garza


Chefs Norma & Saqib opened Taller de Comida Zena in October 2017 as a home for Masala y Maiz and so much more...

Taller de Comida Zena, is a culinary center and atelier. Our space focuses on the migration of food and cultural foodways. Through a focus on the study and use of indigenous Mexican ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, chefs and researchers at Zena will be able to trace the migration and impacts of Mexican foodways around the world and work with the bounty of Mexico’s heritage ingredients.

Located in a vibrant arts district, Taller de Comida Zena is a center rooted in culinary research and investigation. At the intersection of artistic and gastronomic disciplines, Taller de Comida Zena promotes the exchange of culture, ideas and history. Spread across 3 stories, Taller de Comida Zena encompasses the restaurant Masala y Maiz, a second floor research-test kitchen & teaching space, and a rooftop studio apartment for a chef residency.

Find out more at Tallerdecomidazena.com