Masala y Maiz

At the intersection of Mexico & India

Masala y Maiz is a restaurant by Chefs Norma Listman & Saqib Keval exploring the migration of ingredients, cooking techniques & food cultures between Mexico, South Asia & East Africa.

Creating home

Photo by Juan de Dios Garza

Photo by Juan de Dios Garza


Chefs Norma & Saqib opened Masala y Maiz in October 2017 to create a community space that was much more than a restaurant.

Masala y Maiz focuses on the migration of food, culinary techniques and cultural foodways. With a research kitchen, cultural programming, urban garden, a chef residency program and commitment to indigenous grains and farming techniques, we dreamed Masala y Maiz as a restaurant like few others. In creating this project we wanted to create a space that sat at the intersections of artistic & gastronomic disciplines and served food that felt and tasted like home. 

The restaurant hosts classes, pop ups, and film screenings using the projector mounted over the table. The research and production kitchen is fully equipped and well suited as a rental space for cooking classes, commissary work and special event production. The third floor is a fully furnished studio apartment to host the Chef Residency program. The studio opens onto a beautiful rooftop garden where we grow rare and heirloom edible plants, fruits and herbs in collaboration with local farmers.