Masala y Maiz

At the intersection of Mexico & India

Masala y Maiz is a restaurant by Chefs Norma Listman & Saqib Keval exploring the migration of ingredients, cooking techniques & food cultures between Mexico, South Asia & East Africa.


About Us

Masala y Maiz

Located in Mexico City, Masala y Maiz is a restaurant like few others. From chefs Norma Listman and Saqib Keval, Masala y Maiz explores the migration of ingredients and cooking techniques between South Asia, East Africa and Mexico.

The maiz of Masala y Maiz refers to the native corn of Mexico and the traditions that come from and support its perseverance. Masala, names the mix of spices used throughout South Asian cooking. Both are central to our kitchen as we cook to find the points of intersection between our cultures.

In our restaurant, we believe that gastronomy is not static and that you cannot separate the politic & history from the food. We believe that sustainability must include culture, labor and community. In creating this project, we wanted a space that celebrates Mestizaje and sits at the intersections of artistic, social justice & gastronomic disciplines. We want Masala y Maiz to feel and taste like home. Welcome.

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