Our Food

At Masala y Maiz, our food is meant to be shared. We change our menu often with the season and source from local small scale farmers, chinamperos, and producers. When possible, our ingredients are organic. Our food is rustic. They are our family recipes. We want it to feel personal. We want you to eat with your hands. We don’t cook “curry” and our food isn’t fusion. Masala y Maiz is mestizaje.


Natural Wines

We think about wine as an agricultural product and change our wine list weekly with different glass pours every day. We work with small scale producers who grow their vineyards in harmony with their environment and make wine with the least human or machine intervention possible. No preservatives, sulfites, chemicals or added sugar. Just grapes and wild fermentation. It is a completely natural process. These wine makers respect the land and work to protect biodiversity in their vineyards. Our wines are wild, weird, elegant and delicious.